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4Home Blanket | Afghan | Throw Crochet. Amazing Hexagon Afghans Free Crochet Patterns. by Kathrine. Share. Explore today’s collection of Amazing Hexagon Afghans and grab these free patterns! Maybe your next project is here? Blankets made with crocheted blocks are perfect for those of you, who get bored easily. By making small elements, you. Free Crochet Pattern for a Large Hexagon Blanket – Desert Dreams Throw by Redheart. Skill Level: Intermediate The enchanting colors and interesting stitches combine for a throw that you will love forever! You’ll enjoy the way the selfstriping yarn changes color without your having to add a new ball of yarn. Only 10 motifs are needed for a throw that is long enough to keep your feet warm.

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4″ Crochet Hexagon Blanket Throw Size – Grey: 59 Hexagons, Salmon: 58 Hexagons, White: 54 Hexagons and 9 Halves, Teal: 54 Hexagons and 9 Halves. 4″ Crochet Hexagon Baby Blanket Size – Grey: 24 Hexagons and 3 Halves, Salmon: 24 Hexagons and 3 Halves, White: 20 Hexagons and 2 Halves, Teal: 20 Hexagons and 3 Halves. Blanket Diagrams

Hexagon crochet throw. Crochet Hexagon Blues Throw – Free Pattern. Follow more than 1001 Crochet Ideas on PINTEREST! A monochromatic color scheme is restful and comforting, while the hexagon motifs in varying colors give it a cheerful vibe. Motifs are joined as you crochet the last round of the motif. The fun shapes and patterns create an eye-catching design that will brighten up your room. Use this crochet blanket as a throw on your couch to get the warmth you desire in the winter around the fire. This crochet hexagon blanket would look stunning in any color scheme you picked. The Hexagon is worked in rounds all facing up, the half hexagon motifs are worked in rows and are turned after each row. Night Owl Crochet Hexagon Blanket – Free Pattern: Making the owl blanket is quite simple, we start off with making up the 3 types of hexagon motifs, the whole hexagon, and the two, half hexagons.

Crochet Cable Hexagon Free Pattern. Level: intermediate Author: My Picot. The adorable combination of light blue and warm creamy shades creates a color scheme perfect both for a sweet nursery and a minimalist bedroom. A blanket made with the Crochet Cable Hexagon Pattern will brighten up your room, but also give it a special charm. Inspired by Attic 24’s Crocheted Hexagon Blanket (free hexagon how-to crochet pattern can be found on her crochet blog) Yarn: Rowan Hand-Knit Cotton; Crochet Hook: Size E; Time it took to make working on-and-off: 5 1/2 Months (while finishing my 8th semester and graduating from college!) Intended use: High school graduation gift for a lovely girl Crochet Hexagon Throw The Crochet Hexagon Throw is a classic crochet blanket pattern. Easy to follow with a join as you go technique. It almost resembles an African Flower concept and the tutorial was done several years ago. It's an easy blanket level to complete.

Check out our free patterns and follow us on our Facebook Fanpage and Pinterest for more creative ideas!. Crochet Hexagon Blanket Free Crochet Pattern. Crochet Hexagon Blanket is totally stuning! It’s made with really beautiful hexagons – little sun-like motifs at the center give it lightness and style. It’s easy to make, so choose your favourite colours and start crocheting today! This crochet hexagon blanket looks great, and will decorate your bedroom nicely. You can crochet it for a child, or you might find that you like it too.. You may also like:10 Unique Crochet Throw Free Patterns. Check the Crochet Hexagon Blanket instructions & image credit via the link below: Pretty- craft – Hexagon Blanket Video Tutorial. Edging Your Crochet Hexagon Blanket. Now that all your hexagons are joined together you are ready for your edging. I designed this Granny Edging pattern that goes perfectly with the blanket style and also fills in the little valleys left between your hexagons for another pretty and straight edge. For my edging I chose my border color plus the three colors from my blue color palette.

Hexagon Blanket Free Crochet Pattern. Black and white blankets are just the classic, because they always catch your eye and make the room feel more spacious and modern. The structure is really simple, so all you have to do, is choose your favorite yarn and start!. Rainbow Garden Throw Free Crochet Pattern. Meadow of colorful flowers can live. Free Crochet Pattern for a Large Hexagon Blanket – Desert Dreams Throw by Redheart. Skill Level: Intermediate The enchanting colors and interesting stitches combine for a throw that you will love forever! You’ll enjoy the way the selfstriping yarn changes color without your having to … Here is the free pattern/tutorial: Materials: Yarn – Any yarn will work – I used Medium/Aran weight for my example hexagon. Crochet hook – Any hook will work – I used a I hook for my example hexagon – 5.0 MM

The hexagon pattern of the Busy Bee Throw is a modern update of a traditional granny square. Worked separately and seamed together, this blanket is finished with a single crochet border. Make it in traditional beehive colors, or go rogue and change it to bright pops of vivid color! Your home will benefit from either choice. Easy Hexagon Pattern Free Crochet Pattern. Simple and easy – this hexagon is for beginner crocheters, but also for those of you who like minimal designs.. Classic rose inside a hexagon is a great motif for romatic throw. As you can see, it looks great when “painted” as a flower, but make it in solid colour too, to mix it up! Crochet POW: Happy Hexagon Throw. By: Rachel Koon, Posted on May 16, 2017 May 14, 2017. 16 May. A few years ago, I read a really interesting piece on Slate about the prevalence of granny-square blankets in TV shows. It seems like you can find them everywhere, from Roseanne to Mad Men to Parks and Recreation. Even if you’re just a casual TV.

Hexagons are the hottest motif shape going right now - for blankets, stuffed animals, you name it! The African Flower Hexagon (linked below) is by far the most popular right now, and I did a roundup earlier this year featuring 10 free crochet patterns that use the African Flower motif. Prior to that, I'd also done a roundup of 10 free crochet patterns using all sorts of hexagons. Crochet Hexagon Granny Square Afghan Blanket Throw Crochet PDF Pattern Instant Download DWCrochetPatterns. From shop DWCrochetPatterns. 5 out of 5 stars (68) 68 reviews $ 2.04. HEXAGON CROCHET PATTERN/crochet blanket baby gift/crochet blanket pattern/baby blanket pattern/crochet afghan/crochet blanket pattern baby Throw measures about 45 x 60 in. (114.5 x 152.5 cm) Free crochet pattern using aran-weight yarn. Pattern attributes and techniques include: Granny, Hexagon, Motifs.

Crochet Hexagon Blanket In addition to composing the decoration of the space, the curtains in the bedroom have the important function of leaving the room dark in the morning, so that none of its residents are awake together with the sunrise. The hexagon is enjoying a lot of popularity lately and it's the perfect motif to crochet anything from afghans to table runners. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet, follow our series of Crochet Fundamentals. This pattern uses US terms and stitches include double crochet (dc); slip stitch (sl st) and chain (ch). Looking for a new project to brighten up a room in the house? Well, try making this Large Hexagon Crochet Throw Pattern that is made with lovely bulky yarn. Once completed, this crochet blanket will look fabulous as a room rug or draped over a bed. This easy blanket tutorial will show you how to crochet the block stitch that you can then use in all your future crochet projects! With so many.

Michael Solovay. This free crochet hexagon pattern begins with a flower at the center, making it a terrific choice for springtime projects. It continues through the rounds with a granny-inspired design, which means that you could combine it with crochet granny squares and granny circles for creative items. For example, string a combination of hexagons, circles, and squares into beautiful.

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