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Seeded Compost Erosion Control Blanket, photo courtesy of Filtrexx. A compost blanket is a layer of compost applied on the soil surface as a mulch, typically at a depth of 2 inches or 270 cubic yards per acre. A compost blanket protects soil surfaces from wind and water erosion, conserves water, and moderates soil temperature. Thus, compost from various feedstocks, including yard, manure and food- processing residuals and other organic materials, has been used to improve soil quality and productivity, as well as to prevent and to control soil erosion. Erosion Control and Revegetation Applications . Soil erosion from construction sites can be as much as 10 to 20 times.

Mulch is used for various purposes to adjust soil

A site-specific native seed mix is applied within the compost blanket bringing about the revegetation to match the disturbed adjacent ecosystems. Organics Compost Blankets are a compost based slope stabilisation, erosion control and vegetation establishment practice used on eroded, bare or disturbed soils, slopes and batters.

Compost blanket erosion control. Laying compost is not a complete stabilisation measure itself – it needs to have the seeding added and successfully established. Establishing vegetation on compost will be the easiest of all soil cover methods. Minimising erosion risk by applying a compost blanket. Minimising erosion risk by applying a compost blanket—before. in effective erosion and sediment control because it helps maintain sheet flow and prevents stormwater from forming rills under the compost blanket. Compost Quality. Compost Properties. Maturity. Maturity indicates how well the compost will support . plant growth. One maturity test measures the percent of seeds The Rexius EcoBlanket® is rated one of the most effective erosion control methods available for slopes, stopping erosion in its tracks. EcoBlanket is a compost erosion control blanket that imitates the natural layer of humus that protects our undisturbed soils.EcoBlanket is easily installed in a one step, low impact pneumatic process that can conform to about any terrain.

Superior's erosion control solutions outperform traditional straw blankets, straw matting, silt fence, and other traditional erosion control methods. Compost offers natural erosion control and protection, adds organic matter directly to the soil, offers superior water infiltration, and increases aeration in any soil type. soil erosion control practice and provides guidance on proper utilization. Description A compost blanket is a 1- to 2-inch-thick layer of loose compost applied directly to the soil surface and is used for the purpose of runoff reduction, erosion control, and vegetation establishment (EPA 2012). It is commonly applied on hill slopes, bare Compost blankets can be placed on any soil surface: flat, steep, rocky, or wet. They are an effective erosion control method that can be applied to construction sites, mine rehabilitation areas, road embankments, stormwater drains and creek or stream banks where water runoff can occur.

2 thoughts on “ Erosion Control Breakdown: Hydroseeding vs. Straw Blankets ” Kylie Dotts on August 16, 2017 at 9:34 am said: It makes sense that hydroseeding or hydromulching would have materials that would help the seeds to grow. Compost Blanket. The blower truck technology from Ground Solutions is ideal for successfully terraseeding large areas using a compost blanket. A computerized seed control system built into the truck allows for uniform seed distribution throughout the soil. The advantage of this method over hydroseeding is that the seed is within the soil rather than being placed onto the top of soil. Compost Blanket. How It’s Applied: A layer of loosely applied compost that is placed on top of the soil in disturbed areas to control erosion and retain sediment resulting from sheet flow runoff. Compost blankets are used in place of sediment and erosion control tools such as mulch, netting, or chemical stabilization.

Compost Blanket. Compost Blankets are used as an immediate method of erosion control covering 100% of the existing soil surface. Research from the EPA and other organizations shows that compost blankets are effective at reducing runoff, improving soil structure, and aids in establishing vegetation. Learn More compost product should be used and vegetating the compost blanket should be considered. 5. FIELD APPLICATIONS 5.1. The following steps shall be taken for the proper installation of compost as a soil blanket for erosion/sediment control on sloped areas. 5.1.1. WSDOT now uses only biodegradable erosion control blankets on projects as a Standard. Biodegradable BMPs fulfill erosion control functions AND they do not persist in the environment. For more information on the following erosion control products, please contact subject matter expert (SME) Jeannie Hoxer at 360-570-6646:

Our compost blanket uses a naturally sourced tackifier that encourages the compost blanket to bind together, immediately stabilising the subgrade beneath. Single process solution The process is designed to protect damaged areas, rehabilitate and control erosion, and all within one process. Compost Blanket, Rolled Erosion Control Product (RECP)(Netting)(Type A) This photo shows a 2” compost blanket covered by RECP(Netting)(Type A). This is a costly and effective method of preventing erosion and retaining compost and seed in areas subject to high winds and/or highly erosive rain events. In the photo above, compost berms are used. FILTREXX COMPOST EROSION CONTROL BLANKETS Our soil stabilization solutions help you Mimic Nature®. The Filtrexx® Compost Erosion Control Blanket™ (CECB™) is a 2″ compost GrowingMedia™ used for temporary and permanent slope stabilization, erosion control, and vegetation establishment. It is typically applied to slopes with pneumatic blower trucks.

Although still considered relatively unknown in certain regions of North America, the use of compost in erosion and sediment control has been a very successful landscaping practice for over 25 years. Compost blankets (the application of a layer of compost on hill slopes), compost berms, and compost filter socks are incredibly effective, enhance. COMPOST EROSION CONTROL BLANKET. GrowingMedia™ for slope stabilization, erosion control, and vegetation growth (apply at 1.5" - 2" depth) click here Also, compost blankets could be used as Compost Rain Water Blanket in several rainwater management projects to minimise run-off in sensitive areas. Where additional strength is required to make the soil surface texture bumpier, compost blankets could also be implemented with a netting erosion and sediment control blanket.

There are two basic methods for using compost in erosion control: compost blankets and compost filter berms. Each method has its advantages and choosing one will depend on the slope of the site, amount of potential rainfall, activity around the site, and intended vegetation establishment. Using compost-based erosion control products is a best management practice (BMP), as compost bonds tightly with soil, leaving no gap between soil and cover, which means less opportunity for water to run underneath and undermine the protection.. Compost Blanket. A layer of loosely applied compost placed on the soil in disturbed areas to. Slope Protection and Erosion Control Blanket Slope protection and Erosion Control Blanket is a slope stabilization, erosion control, and vegetation establishment practice used on slopes to stabilize bare, disturbed, or erodable soils on and around construction activities. Slope protection is used for temporary and permanent slope erosion control and vegetation establishment applications.

A compost blanket is a layer of loosely applied compost or composted material that is placed on the soil in disturbed areas to control erosion and retain sediment resulting from sheet-flow runoff.

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