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Not sure weather I am being a div or not but should I be turning off my Uv when treating for blanket weed. I know some koi treatments you have to but it doesn’t say anything about it on the tube il attach a pic of what I’m using. Ps used this type last year and was really good! IMG_9977.JPG Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Blanket Weed Treatments. Blanket Weed (Spirogyra Adnate), the nemsesis of all amateur and professional pond and fish keepers in the UK! Spirogyra Adnate is one of the most prolific aquatic weeds you could possibly hope to come accross. Known as 'Long String Algae' in the United States, because in fact Spirogyra is not actually a weed or plant.

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Blanket weed is unsightly in any pond. It is usually at it worse in the spring before the pond plants have established. There are many controls and cures available from World of Water most with next work day delivery

Blanket weed treatments. 01942 216 554; 01942 418 489;; Evolution Aqua Ltd, Evolution House, Kellet Close, Wigan, UK, WN5 0LP The best course of action is to treat your pond with a safe treatment such as Aqua Source Blanketweed Resolve, BEFORE the blanketweed starts growing.A monthly maintenance dose will keep it at bay thereafter. Blanketweed Resolve does not contain any HSE registered chemicals, unlike many other brands, and is completely safe for all wildlife and plants. Blanket weed is unsightly and can result in deoxygenation harming aquatic life. Spirogyra is not considered a plant but is a type of filamentous algae. Several other types of blanket weed such as chlorella, silkweed, cladophera, ulothrix, horse hair, woolly algae, and rhizoclonium are also considered a type of filamentous algae.

Blanketweed Treatments. 08 August 2017. Share on. This is the number one problem that pond-keepers come across during the summer months. This is the number one problem that pond-keepers come across during the summer months. Blanketweed is a filamentus/ string algae and lays on the surface of the pond (although certain variants can be below the. All blanket weed treatments will work by using one of these two methods. Killing it tends to be quicker but the resulting dead algae can often end up rotting creating more nutrients for the blanket weed or other algaes to thrive once more. The starving route tends to work far more slowly but as the nutrients have already been dealt with there. How to Cure Pond Blanket Weed. What is Blanketweed. Blanketweed is the common name given to filamentous (string) algae, but it actually comes in different forms, from a short (2-3mm) growth on the side of the pond which breaks up as you touch it to strong strands which can grow 3-4m long and all sorts in between.

As blanket weed thrives in the same conditions as pond fish, we naturally create the right conditions for it to grow in most ponds.. This is the perfect option for those with fish-free water features or designer ponds where regular treatments can be easily administered without worrying about the knock-on effect to any pond inhabitants. As. Take keep your pond clear of Blanket Weed, from day 28 onwards a maintenance dose of 25ml per 2000 Lies (440 gallons) can be used every 2 weeks. Important Notes As with all anti algae treatments, please ensure that your pond is kept well oxygenated and that large quantity's of decomposing algae are manually removed 5 Pond Problems Caused by Blanket Weed . 1. Aesthetics. Blanket weed ruins the appearance of a pond. 2. Not only does it make ponds unappealing, it’s often a sign of chemical imbalance in the pond. (Yes, even if the water looks clear!) 3. It consumes large amounts of oxygen from pond water.

Blanket Weed Treatments. The best method with all treatments is to remove as much as possible before adding anything to the water. It’s a simple point of exposure. If you treat a pond full of blanket weed with 500ml of treatment,. Blanket weed or silkweed, are very common pond algae and have dense growths of hair-like green strands that float under or on the surface, or cling to plants at the side of the pond The problem Most ponds will have an algal problem at some time or another, but it thrives where pools have been created in a sunny position, with very little. Blanketweed Treatments Kusuri provide a range HSE registered Blanketweed treatments. About or Blanketweed Treatments. Kusuri Blanketweed treatments are licensed products under the HSE 9760 & 9777. both the liquid and the powder are powerful algaecides for the removal of unsightly String algae and Blanketweed.

ClearWaters Blanket Weed solution and other ClearWater treatments are available from all participating Nishikoi stockists in the following pack sizes: ClearWaters Blanket Weed 1000ml - Treats 10,000 litres / 2,200 gallons.* Ref: 3041CW ClearWaters Blanket Weed 2500ml - Treats 25,000 litres / 5,500 gallons.* Ref: 3043CW > Blanket Weed Answer. Discover Categories . Blanket Weed Answer; Cloverleaf Absolute; Cloverleaf Accessories; Cloverleaf Answer; Cloverleaf Feed; Cloverleaf Filters; Cloverleaf UV Clarifiers; Ouside Power; Parts; Pond Lighting; Test Kits; Uncategorized; Water Treatments; Brands. Cloverleaf (11) Filter By Price. Filter — Filter By Color. The Removal and Treatment of Blanketweed. The Dept of the Environment have effectively banned all chemical treatments to kill Blanket Weed. Some proprietary brands are still sold in Europe but the favoured method of Blanket Weed control is the use of “natural” methods.

The bacteria remove theses very basic components required by Blanket Weed and the water becomes clearer. Any unpleasant odour is generally removed too.. Several months and several further treatments later, the pond is completely clear of the evil weed. For really bad cases, just persevere with the product and have a little patience. You’ll. Our range of chemical, natural and electronic blanket weed treatments help you control blanket weed problems in your pond.. We sell a range of additives for your pond to help combat blanket weed in liquid, tablet and powder form.. Installing an electronic blanket weed controller provides a more permanent solution to your blanket weed problem.. Blanket weed brushes are specially designed to. Blanket Weed Treatments. Page 1 of 1: 2 Items: Hydra Quartz (Pond Blanket Weed Treatment) From: £14.95. Highly effective biological blanket weed treatment; Rapid action starts working immediately - No waiting weeks for results; Best barley straw alternative, without the usual barley straw mess.

Blanket Weed Treatments. Page 1 of 1: 3 Items: Hydra Quartz (Pond Blanket Weed Treatment) Highly effective biological blanket weed treatment; Rapid action starts working immediately - No waiting weeks for results; Best barley straw alternative, without the usual barley straw mess; Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 12,500 litres. Controlling Blanket Weed with Ultrasound. The presence of blanket weed in a pond or lake is unsightly, a hazard to fish and difficult to get rid of. To remove physically takes time and effort and the weed will regrow almost as fast as it is removed. Unlike other algae and blanket weed treatments, ClearWaters will also work in the colder months if the Algae and Blanket Weed are actively growing. ClearWaters will yield results down to a water temperature of 4 degrees centigrade. Nishikoi ClearWaters has been endorsed by Which? as a Best Buy for blanket weed treatment (2014 - 2019).

Find out more about removing Blanketweed. Green Lightning is now recognised as one of the best-selling treatments for Blanket Weed in the U.K. and is used by amateurs and professionals alike.. It is a totally safe natural product that cannot harm flora or fauna and is specifically designed to remove Blanket Weed and clarify ponds and lakes.

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