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Hello everyone, I dont know if this falls under General crochet help but I will ask anyway. I just made a granny stripe blanket which I am very proud of. But because we live in the north and because I used 100 cotton on this blanket I really want to put a fleece backing on it. I have never done a... #4. Leaping Stripes and Blocks Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern. Leaping Stripes and Blocks Blankets that works up to 20” square. If you like the pattern but want it bigger, the instructions include sizing information for a standard baby blanket, afghan, twin, queen size, and kind/Cal king blanket as well!

Easy crocheted baby blanket, with simple squares and

I am THRILLED so many of you love this knit sheep blanket. I have an adorable knit blanket pattern in my etsy shop you might love too – The Knit Heirloom Baby Blanket. Thanks for stopping by! **** Pattern Source: (affiliate link) Precious Knit Blankets For Baby (book) Pattern Name: Sheep Blankie Hours Spent: Too many! […]

Backing for crochet baby blanket. This crochet baby blanket pattern is a quick and easy baby blanket to crochet for that new little one in your life. Crochet Pattern for The Pure and Simple Baby Blanket - An Heirloom Crib size blanket - 30" X 36" with instruction on how to adjust the blanket size. Perfect for a baby shower gift or that precious newborn in your life. Adding a lining to a crocheted baby afghan gives the work extra thickness. The lining also covers any lace or holes in the crocheted design, helping to prevent small fingers from getting stuck in the blanket. Make sure to use a lining fabric that will feel soft and comfortable against the baby's skin. 2. My blanket was too large for a standard width so I pieced the backing. The backing should be a few inches larger than the knitted blanket. Place it right side down on the floor. I then tape it down on the floor to make it lay flatter.

Crochet CN 3. 6. Start with the pink yarn and crochet squares with CN3 single looped. On the chain we created, add CN 2 (so, we have created 5 chains) and crochet SC 6. Do the same with the entire row. 7. Crochet 16 squares with CN 3 without loop. Crochet the squares from the behind. 8. Start with the yellow yarn. Crochet CN 16 creating an arch. Sawing a fabric backing on to a crochet baby blanket. Help! I am in the middle of crocheting a bubble stitch baby blanket for coworker and was just thinking that the back doesn't look nice at all. I have seen many blankets that have a fabric backing saw on to it. My mother is a very good quilter so I thought I would ask her for help. I make crocheted baby blankets with silk or material backing and put silk borders on them. I usually make the blanket then wash and dry it so that it will shrink before I put the back and border on it. This works sometimes and here recently it hasn't been square. How should I do the blocking?

The technique of backing and binding can be applied to any knitted or crocheted baby blanket. If you have a favorite pattern in mind, you can spruce it up with “quilting.” If you are interested in the Entrelac (multicolor) blanket I have pictured, I have had a lot of requests for an actual pattern, and will be putting one up in the future. Tag Archive | baby blanket with minky backing Baby Blanket Finished. May5. Well I finally finished the baby blanket adding the Ultra Comfy fabric to the back. First time that I ever “quilted” a crochet project. I thought it came out very nice and will be perfect to use as a cover for the car carrier or a good, thick and soft blanket to lay. 30 Comments to [Video Tutorial] Backing A Crochet Blanket Made Simple Kara Lee Hendrick on September 14, 2015 20:56:23 Ok I’ll make the blankets @[678707676:2048:Shawna Marie $#%& [email protected] *] and you can sew a lining on 😉

backing your piece and I will attempt to give you an overview and detailed explanation of how I backed my piece. You can crochet a solid piece with the same number of stitches and rows and then single crochet the edges together and add a border. Be sure to tack in a few places within the body of the blanket to secure. Take the time to learn different sewing techniques to enhance your skills. You can use most sewing techniques on crochet. For example, you could whipstitch a crochet appliqué to the front of a crochet blanket. The Perfect Knot has a good example of using topstitching on crochet. How to block doilies, filet crochet and lace; How to wet block, steam block and block with wires, pins and thread; Take advantage of this free Annie's Special Edition Online Class, and learn how to successfully and beautifully block your crochet pieces. Blocking is an important step toward making your crocheted pieces look more professional.

backing charm about you crochet blanket fabric finish it up Friday Fresh Sewing Day granny blanket perle thread TGIFF ties tying a quilt My wonderful Nan made a crochet granny blanket for my baby girl and it needed backing with fabric (to strengthen it and to stop little fingers getting caught). Many crochet baby blanket are designed with simple stitches, but that doesn't mean that simple is the only way to go. Get the pattern for this colorful, detailed crochet square that uses advanced stitches for an intricate look. Make as many of the squares as you want to join together into the baby blanket size desired. Fleece: The backing fleece (camo in sample) is 5″ bigger than my crocheted blanket all the way around (on each side). I bought 2 yards of 50″ fabric. You need a little extra to add strips to the edging. Scissors, measuring tape, crochet hook of any size to pull fleece strips through blanket.

I'm not sure if I should sew the backing on by hand using a blanket stitch or if I should sew it on using a sewing machine. I'm afraid that sewing it by machine might make it all pucker, but I'm afraid that sewing it by hand will make it not as durable. It's for a baby, so it will likely need to be washed a great deal. Any tips? thank you! Sawing a fabric backing on to a crochet baby blanket. Help/Question. I am in the middle of crocheting a bubble stitch baby blanket for coworker and was just thinking that the back doesn't look nice at all. I have seen many blankets that have a fabric backing saw on to it. My mother is a very good quilter so I thought I would ask her for help. Place fabric and crochet piece together, wrong sides together (if applicable) Insert your crochet hook in the pearl cotton stitch and then into the edge of the crochet blanket, yarn over and pull through, create a sc. sc in throw both the fabric and crochet pieces all the way around the blanket.

Oct 12, 2016 - Explore Diana Kelly's board "How to sew material on back of crochet Blankets/ Items", followed by 188 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Crochet, Crochet projects, Crochet patterns. Then you're going to want to see this Laid Back Blue Crochet Blanket. This is an easy mile a minute afghan that you work up in strips and you'll probably only spend about a day on it. Maybe you have nothing to do on a Saturday or Sunday, whip out some yarn and hooks and you'll have this beautiful and cozy blanket in no time at all. Hi friends! My sweet neighbor recently added a super neat lining to one of her projects which made me think it might be fun to share how to do it! I've added lining to some of my knit bags in the past (including this one) but the possibilities are endless. Add a flannel lining to the back of a baby blanket, add some fleece to one side of a scarf, put a lining in your new purse.

backing a crochet blanket. Charm About You by Lucy Brennan is all about patchwork and quilting, sewing, embroidery and fabric. Featuring projects, patterns and free tutorials.. Crochet Borders Crochet Motif Crochet Stitches Crochet Granny Crochet Blanket Tutorial Crochet For Beginners Blanket Crochet Blanket Patterns Baby Blanket Crochet.

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