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Clear: The lighter the color, the more heat it lets through into your water, so clear covers – like the Blue Wave NS520 – make a good choice for users who tend to keep their pool covered during the day, as they’ll help make the most of the sun’s rays. However, they don’t do the best job at insulating, so expect your covered pool to. The Blue Wave 8-mil Solar Blanket is a highly-rated option for round pools between 12 and 33 feet in diameter. Made from a UV-resistant polymer, this solar pool cover will stand up to sun exposure and pool chemicals while raising the temperature by up to 15 degrees.

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What color solar blanket works best. This solar cover reduces the cost of heating your pool during the summer months and beyond. This is made from a film of thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and retain heat both at night and on those chilly days. The blue color provides an appealing look while also using the sun’s rays to help warm your swimming pool. Best solar blankets pools: Blue Wave NS520 Solar Cover; Contents.. you may want to opt for a thermal cover or a thermal pool blanket, as they call it. It works great to limit evaporation.In other words, it insulates the water and goes on to extend your season.. Select the Right Color. You will find solar pool covers in different colors. Solar Cover Color – Does it Make a Difference? Yes it does, but in ways that may be unexpected. There are many colors of solar blankets now available, in light blue, dark blue, silver/grey colors, and translucent clear blankets. Clear solar covers will allow more light energy, across the spectrum, to penetrate the water. Because of the easier.

Folks, I gotta tell you from my own experience that the color of the solar blanket you choose makes a huge difference. In a little over two years, I've had experience with two different blankets: 8-Mil, light blue 12-Mil, Dark blue The light blue 8-mil blanket heated the pool up 3-4 degrees on... The color blue blocks light, thereby blocks that heat from making it to your water. Clear, on the other hand, does not block the light, so more makes it INTO the pool and thereby into your water. So if you want some solar benefit, clear wins. Which color solar blanket works the best for heating up a pool during the day? I know that any cover will help reduce heat loss at night, but I'm interested in daytime performance. One site claims that Blue top with a silver reflective bottom works better, but is that just marketing hype. It seems like a black bottom would absorb alot of heat and transfer would be made to the cooler water below.

Solar cover panels rely on their thickness and their material’s heat trapping ability. A thickness of 8 mil, 12 mil, 16 mil is optimal for effective insulation. You can find pool cover with more thicknesses as well. Such as the Blue Wave 14 mil solar blanket, which is one of the best solar covers you can get. 1.1.5 Color; 1.2 The Top 7 Solar Pool Covers Reviews for 2020. 1.2.1 Intex Solar Cover for 12 ft. Diameter Easy Set And Frame Pools; 1.2.2 Intex Solar Cover for 18 ft. x 9 ft. Rectangular Frame Pools; 1.2.3 In The Swim 8 Mil Swimming Pool Solar Blanket Cover 24 Feet Round; 1.2.4 Sun2Solar Clear 20 ft. x 40 ft. Rectangle Solar Cover 12 Mil. Some solar blanket reels are available with wheels, so you can roll up your cover and then move the solar reel aside. Others come with mounting hardware to install permanently in one location. Which version works best for you will depend mostly on how much space you have around your pool.

Solar blankets / covers: blue vs. aluminized silver back vs. black vs. clear For years I have used a semi clear blue solar blanket on my 16x32 in-ground pool. I usually take the cover off in the morning and put it back on when the sun goes down. To help you make the right choice, each of the selected top thirteen best solar pool covers has broken down for better understanding. The features of each product, as well as their pros and cons, are discussed. Blue Wave NS520 14 Mil Pool Solar Blanket Cover (Best Overall - Editor's Choice) The best solar cover for above ground pool heating won’t necessarily be any different than the best solar cover for inground pool heating. So, instead of worrying about the type of pool you have, consider these simple factors below to help you determine what solar blanket for pool heating is right for you.

Clear is the best for allowing SUNLIGHT to deeply penetrate INTO your pool water. This will allow maximum utilization of the solar energy available. IF you use any color of material, then it will stop the sunlight from pentrating into the pool water, and will absorb the sunlight. There is much debate in the pool owner world as to which color wins in the “clear vs blue” solar cover match-up. Both solar covers work, but of course you want to know what color solar cover is best?. There are many different color solar covers out there, from clear to blue to black and everything in between. The color that a Blackberry Curve comes in depends on the model. The colors included are black, silver, red and tan. You can also put a case or skin cover of a different color on it.

In The Swim sells solar blankets in several different thicknesses if you’re looking for something more lightweight, but this 12 mil blanket is one of the best. Sun2Solar Clear 16 Mil (Image credit: Sun2Solar) This 16 mil Sun2Solar blanket is very thick, so it does a good job retaining heat and keeping your pool water warm. Which color solar blanket works the best for heating up a pool during the day? I know that any cover will help reduce heat loss at night, but I'm interested in daytime performance. One site claims that Blue top with a silver reflective bottom works better, but is that just marketing hype. It seems like a black bottom would absorb alot of heat and transfer would be made to the cooler water below. In a few words, a transparent cover is best for heat gain (warming water faster), while a dark blue cover is best for trapping heat inside. Finally, a light blue color solar blanket is probably the best balance between them. Thickness. Another useful parameter to consider is the thickness of the solar pool cover.

Solar pool blankets might actually be thought of passive solar heating for your pool. They capture the heat of the sun in several different ways: The tiny 'bubbles' magnify the sun. Absorbent coloring increases solar heating. While it is most popular to get clear or blue pool covers, the best color in terms of heat absorption is black or silver. How to Choose a Solar Pool Cover. The essential job of a solar pool cover is to warm the water by harnessing sunlight and preventing the evaporation of water when the pool is not in use and at night. To understand what color is "best", one needs to understand what effect(s) a blanket has on a pool. First, a blanket prevents heat loss through evaporation. All covers are equal at that task.

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