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The GuineaDad 2.0 is an extra absorbent, waterproof cage liner that aims to reduce the frequency of swapping out your guinea pigs blanket. Whilst not technically a blanket, the fleece liner still provides the necessary warmth and comfort for your guinea pig. The price seems reasonable considering its absorbent, antibacterial properties. This layer covers the cage floor and covers all 4 walls (inside & out) which prevents your guinea pig from chewing the cage tray or burrowing under the bedding. Layer 2. The middle layer is a super-absorbent textile which is designed exclusively for absorbing urine.

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Top-quality thick and absorbent fleece cage liners. Come prewashed and ready to provide everyday comfort for your guinea pig, rabbit, hedgehog, or other small pet. Simplify cage cleaning -- just sweep, shake, and machine wash/dry. SPECIAL OFFER --- Purchase any 2 cage liners from my shop and

Guinea pig blanket in cage. Again, unless the guinea pig is used to having a cover, having a cover that still retains light to the guinea pig’s cage will help it ease its way towards adjustment. If not, then again, the guinea pig will be prone to become stressed out. Guinea pigs tend to sleep during the day and often find themselves awake at night as well. I have a guinea pig and i am currently using pine shavings for her cage. I was wondering if you could use a towel/blanket for a guniea pigs cage. Last edited by Paula; 05-20-09 at 05:31 pm . Cut off the edging from around the fleece blanket. When I made my cage, I also made a template of the base out of Proplex for future use. I laid this template on top of the towels and marked 5cm all the way around it.. There you have one finished waterproof guinea pig cage liner! Making a Large Heavy duty Microfibre House Mat.

How to Use Fleece Bedding in a Guinea Pig Cage. Fleece is a popular bedding alternative because it is reusable and cheaper to maintain. It is also easier and quicker to clean in comparison to wood shavings, which can get messy. To make the... Nobody wants to find their pig sitting in a pool of pee! When used as a top layer flannel may also unravel easily, allowing pigs to chew on or even eat the fraying strings. Cavies can also become tangled in unraveled threads (safety hazard alert!). When it comes to guinea pig bedding, not all fabrics are created equal. If your guinea pig feels that their blanket makes them itch, they will keep a distance from a blanket then. Is it okay to put a blanket over a guinea pig cage? There will be a time when you will wish to throw the blanket out from your guinea pig enclosure. The blanket is the best form of cover than other materials.

Fleece bedding can be much easier and less messy than other kinds of bedding for a guinea pig cage. Fleece bedding does need to be cleaned occasionally, however. Each day, remove any obvious dirt and debris from the bedding. Once a week, wash the bedding in a washing machine on high heat. Your guinea pig will love hopping into it to keep warm; Create tunnels for them to hide in. These can be purchased or made and guinea pigs love to run in tunnels and will even stay in them and sleep. If your cage is against a wall then put a blanket between the wall and the cage. See and discover other items: Best guinea pig accessories for cage, Explore guinea pig liners for cages, Explore beddings for hedgehogs cages There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

GuineaDad is dedicated to produce high-quality guinea pig products. GuineaDad Liner - fleece bedding/cage liner with signature pocket. Crunchy Condo - chew-able guinea pig house. Nourish Series - Timothy Hay for guinea pig comes super fresh in a patented hay rack packaging. Free and Fast Shipping. Order Online Today! Select a cage that is easy to clean. Not all guinea pig cages are very easy to clean, so try to select one that comes apart easily and is made from non-porous materials. There are a number of easy-to-clean guinea pig cages on the market, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one for your pet. Hi everyone, i was looking through all the photos that people had upload here and i was so amazed with this perfect C&C cages (i m getting one next week!) and i saw that many of you don't use bedding but you use blankets or towels. I was using wood chips for the first years that i had my babies but then the vet suggested carefree (which is available only here in US and was not available in.

Here is another dog and cat blanket that is ideal for guinea pigs as it’s not too big. This will fit in a cage which measures 24″ x 28″ which is a good size for a guinea pig cage. It comes in a pack of 6 so you will have spares for when you are doing the washing. It is made with double-sided fleece material, but it’s not too heavy. With pine shavings or Carefresh (recycled paper bedding), when you create a nice thick layer of bedding (1.5 to 2 inches) and in properly-sized C&C Cage (2x4 grids) with 2 guinea pigs, you can get away with not changing or refreshing the bedding for about 4 days. Guinea pigs are caged animals, and like most other cage animals they too spend most of their time in their cage. So, having good quality bedding is a must not only for odor free-living environment but also for maintaining the good health of our guinea pigs.

C&C CAGE - If you don't have the capability to build a DIY cage for your guinea pig, C&C cages are good for customizing cage layouts. Don't buy those premade cages that are way too small. Guinea pigs need at least a Midwest sized cage to live comfortably. FLEECE LINER BEDDING - Fleece Liner Beddings are great for guinea pigs because it is 100% dust-free compared to wood and paper shaving beddings. We know guinea pigs! We advocate for guinea pigs. We rescue guinea pigs. We support guinea pig rescues. We are constantly working to bring you only the best -- the longest-lasting, highest quality, most absorbent, easiest-to-clean -- cozies, bedding, and accessories for your Guinea Pig C&C Cage or the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat cage. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about guinea pig fleece cage liner? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are 1042 guinea pig fleece cage liner for sale on Etsy, and they cost $24.92 on average. The most common guinea pig fleece cage liner material is fleece. The most popular color? You guessed it: blue.

BINGPET Guinea Pig Fleece Urine Pads 4 PCS - Super Absorbent Fleece Liners Bedding for Guinea Pig Cage, Waterproof and Anti-Slip Bottom 5.0 out of 5 stars 2 £22.77 £ 22 . 77 Guinea pig felt blanket 150cm x 70cm Good for CC cages In used condition Pick up Manly West 4179 Photo shows blanket folded up, 1247746488 Try to bring your guinea pigs indoors if it dips below 60 °F (16 °C) outside. Guinea pigs are susceptible to cold weather. It's best to bring them inside the house in the fall or winter when you live in a cold climate or create a warm structure when temperatures dip below 60 °F (16 °C). Guinea pigs can get hypothermia, just like humans, if they're left in temperatures they can't tolerate.

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