Folding A Rectangular Blanket Scarf

For this look, you’ll want to use a large blanket scarf. A normal rectangular scarf won’t be wide enough for this style.. Minimize the material by taking the scarf fabric and folding it in half. By making the surface area of the scarf smaller, it’ll be much easier to put the fabric over your shoulders later. The size of a blanket scarf is so big that you can create an uneven tail in an exaggerated way, like Wendy from Thankfifi has done. Fold your scarf in half the long way, wrapping one end around your neck. Then let the opposite end hang all the way down. Be sure to tuck in any loose ends so the long tail steals the spotlight.

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If you struggle with how to style a scarf, this post is for you. I did some research and practiced a bit so I can bring you 3 easy ways to tie a blanket scarf. 3 Easy Ways to Tie a Blanket Scarf. First, what is a blanket scarf? A blanket scarf is a thick, oversized scarf, usually in the shape of a square.

Folding a rectangular blanket scarf. 3. Folding a Blanket Scarf like a Belted Shawl or a Poncho. This wrapping style optionally uses a belt to keep everything in place and look stylish in the same place. Oversized plaid flannel blanket scarves best suit the technique. Steps How to Fold a Blanket Scarf. Fold a blanket scarf into half along its length. Pashmina With Tassels, $11, Amazon. Anthropologie takes a glam approach to bandana vibes by folding a square blanket scarf into a triangle and then wrapping the corners around the neck. 6. How to wear a neck scarf – try the petite side knot, fold the scarf corner to corner to form a small triangle. Then fold the scar in half so that the triangle’s point touches the straight edge. Then, keep folding in on itself until you half a narrow rectangle, wrapping the final shape around the neck and tying off to one side.

How to wear a blanket scarf in 5 different ways Here are five cool new ways to keep warm with a scarf this winter. Dec. 11, 2015, 7:46 PM UTC / Updated Oct. 24, 2019, 8:54 PM UTC So as a gift for a really good report card my mom got me a blue checked scarf. I really want to tie it like how people do when they fold a square into a triangle and wear it with the ends draping on the other side but I have no idea how to do that since my scarf is a rectangle and not a square. anyone know how? The humble blanket scarf. It’s a Fall & Winter fashion staple that I’m still loving! I played around with my oversized scarf the other day and came up with 13 easy ways to wear it. Check out these simple looks below, and watch the video for the full instructions for each blanket scarf tying style.

Jul 18, 2011 - 21 ways to wear a rectangle long scarf including video tutorials. . See more ideas about Long scarf, Scarf, Scarf tying. Lay the scarf parallel and center the belt. Spread a rectangular scarf flat so 1 long side of it runs along the length of the belt. Move the belt so the middle of the belt lines up with the middle of the scarf. Keep in mind that the scarf and belt probably won't be the same length, so the scarf will be longer on the ends. Blanket scarves aren't just for wrapping around the neck. Many are large enough to wear as a wrap or shawl. Imagine the look as if you took your blanket off your bed and wrapped it around you, hence the name. For early fall days or a cold snap, a blanket scarf can add some warmth and style to any look.

There are many ways to wear a blanket scarf and it really depends on your outfit. Be it slim and chic or slouchy and casual, the blanket scarf is going to be your best friend in no time. One thing people confuse about that hijab is different from the scarf. Hijab used by Muslim women usually to cover their head. I will say that this method works best with a SQUARE blanket scarf as opposed to a rectangular one, because I start out by folding the square from corner to corner so that it creates a triangle. However, this look is still possible to achieve with a rectangular scarf, you just have to drape it so that it looks like triangle (it’s very hard to. To help you grasp the coziest trend of the season read on to learn the art of immaculately tying and wearing the blanket scarf. 1. The Loop & Pull. Simple and easy, this is one splendid style of embracing the cold chills of the winter with your blanket scarf. Follow the steps below and learn how to wear blanket scarf in a simple way.

Start by folding your blanket scarf into a giant rectangle. Make sure one of the short sides is facing up and the corners line up. Tie the corners together. Make sure the knot is tight so it doesn’t come undone when you’re wearing it. Do the same thing to the other corners. All you need is a large square or rectangular scarf to create these 19 different looks. I used a couple of my favorite scarves in various sizes, but you only need one scarf to make the majority of these knots. Obviously, a shorter scarf is best for neckties and basic drapes, while a longer scarf is good for the more complicated knots. Instead of folding the scarf perfectly in half the long way, I hold it from one corner and fluff it out as much as possible before wrapping it around my neck. This is what gives it volume. (Shown in the video above!) I named this method for “lightweight scarves,” but it works for getting volume with any rectangular scarf. Hope this helps!

Second, a blanket scarf is usually oversized. Like taller than your dad, oversized. Finally, a blanket scarf is usually made of comfort-tastic fabric. Here are three totally different + totally modern + totally easy ways to wear a blanket scarf. Hint: it’s all in the folding. — No. 1: Poncho Style (AKA The Rectangle Fold) Step one: Fold. Wearing a scarf around your wrist looks trendy and is a great way to add color and interest to your outfits. To create a wrist wrap, start by folding your scarf diagonally at your desired width. Wrap twice around your wrist and secure in a knot. You can let the ends stick out, or tuck them underneath, depending on the final look you're going for. A blanket scarf is perfect for many fashion hacks, so let’s talk about how to wear an oversized scarf in styles other than that of a scarf. How to wear blanket scarf like a poncho Besides the loop style, another way to make sure your picnic blanket of a scarf works overtime is by making it look like a poncho.

11 Ways to Wear a Blanket Scarf. Scarf goals. By Rachel Torgerson. Dec 13, 2017 It's easy to completely change up your winter look simply by tying your scarf a different way. Give one or all of. How to Make a Shawl Blanket Scarf Supplies Needed for your Shawl Blanket Scarf. 3 Yards Houndstooth Fabric Cricut Weeder. Gingher Scissors. Fold your fabric in half lengthwise and then in half again to find the center of the fabric. Mark it with a small fabric pen. Open up the fabric so it is laying flat in front of you but still folded in half. Jun 2, 2019 - Ways to fold scarves I. Long thin rectangular scarf folding scarves, how to wear scarves, scarf, how.. Blanket Scarf Outfit Diy Scarf Ways To Wear A Scarf How To Wear Scarves Scarf Tying Tutorial Scarf Knots Tie Shoelaces Long Hair Video Large Scarf. Wearing a mini dress, are you afraid of tanning?.

While this conventional method works best with longer rectangular scarves, it can also be done using a square-shaped blanket scarf if you want the ends to not hang down as far. Folding the scarf in half lengthwise, hold the ends in one hand and the folded end in the other. Place the scarf around your shoulders so it is lying on the back of your.

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