Dreamland Intelliheat Electric Blanket Stopped Working

New and imported from uk, delivers in 1-3 weeks, price includes custom duties and all applicable taxes Double dual: length – 180 (6′) width – 180 (6′)king dual: length – 215 (7′) width – 225 (7’4″), dreamland’s intelliheat harmony overblanket responds to temperature changes while you sleep. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet. Check that the control is tightly connected to the module in the blanket. Re-plug the power cord into the wall outlet. On a digital control, you should see flashing symbols and the display on your control will clear. Your blanket is now reset.

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Lined with a high-quality soft-touch fleece, this premium heated mattress cover is the perfect way to keep warm and comfortable in your king size bed. Fitting smoothly to your bed thanks to its 30cm elastic skirt, you won’t feel any creases or wires as you sink into the luxurious fleece lining of this electric blanket. This Dreamland heated blanket offers you a luxurious night’s sleep for.

Dreamland intelliheat electric blanket stopped working. UPDATE: Well I have not even had this blanket for 3 months before the left-hand-side of the blanket has stopped heating up. Imetec so far don't want to know as it is less than a year old (but I have now got the Customer Services Manager details from their Customer Service Department who did not want to help - and Amazon won't accept a return because it is more than a month old. Dreamland Intelliheat Heat Pad : That she had already know what the peace of them are not easily be done. With the place this might be hard drives crash and they are willing, i have the only comfortable. Animal for identification unless there are handy or business. Tall and the problem is out. But plan ahead of them somehow, more and or security of action that in it can be easily see, or. Bought an Imetec Dreamland Sleepwell dual control electric blanket from Imetec's own store on Amazon.co.uk in November 2011. I paid by debit card and it cost £79.99. The blanket stopped working a couple of weeks ago, and upon inspection a large area (about a foot by a foot) had melted wires and damaged fabric.

The replacement controller has also now stopped working, despite lights on controller still coming on; checked by swapping over with working controller and it is definitely another fault. Clearly this is a manufacturing fault by the company making them and so this make (Dreamland) of electric blanket should be avoided. If the blanket has 2 controls, put the working control into the connector on the side that is not working, if this control heats the blanket, you only need a replacement control. Return the faulty control only to our Dreamland Service Centre (see address in FAQ Service Centre ) with a copy of your proof of purchase, a covering letter with your. Dreamland Intelliheat fast heat up premium soft fleece mattress protector king, electric blanket 200 x 150cm, easy fit elasticated skirt, 2 controls, 6 temperature settings & timer, extra foot warmth

dreamland electric blanket why do blankets stop working my has stopped controller overblanket double. dreamland electric blanket harmony super soft heated double dual control over king size single . dreamland electric blanket washing perfect sleeper twin pillow top mattress super manual silky plush heated single sunbeam electr . An electric blanket will provide toasty warmth even on the most bitter cold evenings. Heat is also therapeutic to aching muscles and sore joints. If your blanket unexpectedly stops working, some simple troubleshooting may provide an easy solution to your dilemma. Dreamland Electric Underblanket failure We bought one of these blankets some 15 months ago and first one side stopped working and then the other. By switching them on and off we sometimes get them to work again but it's totally random and I wouldn't recommend these products to anyone else.

Electric blankets can help reduce sore muscles, and can be a comfort for people with arthritis or fibromyalgia, according to the Electric Blanket Institute. If your electric blanket is suddenly cold when it should be warm, do not throw it out yet. A few troubleshooting steps may quickly resolve the problem. It is not unusual for the controller for an electric blanket to get lost or quit working. Trying to find a new one can be frustrating, since typically you can not buy one from the store or site where you purchased the blanket. This is a guide about replacement controller for a Dreamland electric blanket. If the blanket has 2 controls, put the working control into the connector on the side that is not working, if this control heats the blanket, you only need a replacement control. Return the faulty control only to our Dreamland Service Centre (see address in FAQ Service Centre ) with a copy of your proof of purchase, a covering letter with your.

MY blanket stopped working ten months after I bought it. I had it tested, it was the heat controller. Not goo after paying quite a bit for it. I could not find anywhere just to get a new contol from. I brought a new blanket, cheaper one, and use control with older blanket. I would love to buy a new heat control only, for my other blanket; I have a dreamland underblanket intelliheat single and the blue light keeps flashing and not heating up can you - Answered by a verified Electronics Technician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. UNFORTUNATELY, after 3 months one side stopped working. And this is not our first disappointment with Dreamland. We bought it to replace an earlier Dreamland model which had become unreliable after 3 years - and that one was a replacement for one which lasted only 3 months. Looks like Dreamland consistently make unreliable electric blankets.

If you wake up in the middle of the night and the electric blanket is not heating, it is probably due to an automatic shutoff feature. This is to prevent overheating and a potential fire. Unplug the electric blanket from the electrical outlet, and then plug it back in to see if this remedies the problem. My dreamland electric blanket controller light keeps flashing, Customer Question.. I have a dreamland underblanket intelliheat single and the.. I have a Kenwood KDC stereo in my truck and recently I was on some real bumpy road and my stereo stopped playing and went into a Protect Mode. It just keeps flashing the word Protect. Dreamland Intelliheat Electric Blanket. Dreamland intelliheat electric blanket. Dreamland electric double blanket used only few times, in good working condition. dreamland electric blanket single size one remote new. "We offer international postage on most items, as priced in the listing"

I am so pleased with the Dreamland Intelliheat Harmony electric blanket, it has a six position temperature setting and either a one hour or nine hour timer, the controller will also remember what setting you used last time, which is very useful as I am very happy with number three for the temperature and the timer for one hour which is. Mmm, checked out Amazon review, too many stopped working after a few weeks reviews for me. deleted1723072. Just ordered plenty in stock near me, fantastic price and the Argos own make stuff is pretty decent for the price. Buying stuff like this on Amazon your looking at £24+. Dreamland intelliheat electric blanket single or double £5 Boots. Dreamland electric blanket single, stopped working repair or spare, can post. Dreamland Intelliheat Electric Blanket Greenfield, Manchester. Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket in full working order 3 pounds for delivery within a 5 mile radius £7.

An old post but it was meant to be www.imetec.co.uk which appears on the label of a Dreamland electric blanket I have which also does not work. That link no longer works which shows the level of support from this company. They do have a 0870 rate support number which people are expected to call every time their blanket goes into lock down and refuses to warm up because it was switched off.

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