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Guess after I get picnic basket painted will have to make your wonderful picnic blanket. Will have to go digging in fabric stash to find perfect piece to make it with. You’re just inspiring me left and right. Supposed to be rainy weekend here so good time to keep myself occupied. Have great weekend Hope can make as pretty pom-poms as you did. How To Make A DIY Watercolor Throw Blanket. First, pour hot water onto the center of the blanket in whatever size watercolor circle you’re hoping to make. Less is more because the fabric will absorb water past just where you’ve poured. Using plain water first will help the fabric take to the color.

DIY Picnic Blanket Tutorial Waterproof picnic blanket

The following post is sponsored by JOANN. Summer is officially in full swing, and I’m ready for all the classic summer activities, including planning picnics with our new DIY watermelon picnic blanket I made for us!There are a million parks in our area, and we’re not far from the beach, so this extra durable watermelon picnic blanket I sewed with thick duck canvas will be the perfect way.

Diy fabric picnic blanket. Its summer, picnic, and festival season again! Follow our easy tutorial to sew yourself a cute, portable picnic blanket from recycled materials. DIY Waterproof Confetti Polka Dot Picnic Blanket: Two key tricks to this DIY project: first splurge on the drop cloth with the plastic on the back. And second, the bottom of a solo cup will give you the perfect circle for your confetti dots. (via Radical Possbility) 7. Lay the upper blanket fabric, right side down, on a large flat surface. Position the quilting batting or mattress cover on top, lining up the edges. Pin the two pieces together and, with a needle and thread, create a running basting stitch around the perimeter of the blanket.

Cut your fabric and vinyl to the same size - however large you want your waterproof picnic blanket to be. This will differ with what you need out of your blanket. Some blankets are square, some are roughly the size of a twin-sized sheet. I cut mine smaller, since I only needed enough room for two people to fit on it. DIY Picnic Blanket. Several summers back, Forrest, Jack, and I were staying with my parents for the summer. My sister, Diana, and I had all these grand plans for fun sewing projects we could do together. Well, most of those didn’t really pan out, but one of the projects we actually completed were picnic blankets! Make your blanket 'extravagante' by sewing a band for around the picnic blanket. This way the blanket can be easily transported in your bike basket! 😉 You can sew the band the same way as you did with the blanket. We used two pieces of fabric (both 10 x 64 cm). Sew a piece of velcro fastener on the band.

One of the projects I made was this DIY picnic blanket, which I have dubbed; “The Perfect Picnic Blanket.” This would be a perfect project to whip up for the 4th of July coming up to lay out on and enjoy the fireworks as a family. It has everything I want from a picnic blanket! It’s big enough for my whole family; It is waterproof on the. If you are using a bucket, continue changing out the water until the fabric is not emitting any more blue. The last step is to wash and dry your blanket! Grab some friends, food, and your new indigo blanket and enjoy a summer afternoon picnic! More DIY ideas from the BLDG 25 blog. Follow Natalie on Instagram and FP Me! That will be your top fabric and the other will be the bottom during construction. Also determine the finished size you’d like your blanket to be. Ours is 47” x 64”. 2. Cut the bottom fabric and the batting to the desired finished size of the blanket. Measure and cut the top fabric to the finished size plus 2-3/4” on each side.

HGTV Handmade's Crafty Lumberjacks share an easy, no-sew guide to crafting a waterproof picnic blanket. To make, you will need your favorite blanket, waterproof material like nylon or vinyl, fabric scissors, heavy duty snap pliers, heavy duty brass snaps, nylon strap material, four brass webbing belt tips and two brass handbag feet. *If you want a larger blanket, use more than 2 yards (just make sure the vinyl and fabric are the same size). Note that this measurement applies to length — in the U.S., many bolts of fabric are. DIY Picnic Blanket Tutorial: Supplies Needed: 3 1/2 yards of fabric; About 2 yards of heavy fabric like denim (the blanket is going to be 68 inches by 54 inches so depending on how wide your fabric is you will need to figure out how much to get. Denim and other heavy fabrics tend to come wider than regular cottons)

And you can’t have a picnic without the perfect picnic blanket. I keep at least a blanket or two in the back of my car at all times! Here are 15 perfect DIY picnic blankets. 1. DIY Patterned Picnic Blanket . No sewing skills are needed for this simple stamped blanket from Almost Makes Perfect. DIY Repurposed Denim Checkered Picnic Blanket. Before taking out my fabric scissors, I had to do some simple math calculations to determine the number of square pieces I was going to need for the blanket. I knew I wanted to do a quilt-inspired blanket. So here’s the math: 1. I chose the size of each of my finished squares to be 6”. Read my tutorial on how to remove the fabric from broken umbrellas, then you can use it to sew a very cool shopping bag with my free pattern, or a waterproof wetbag, or this fab waterproof picnic blanket! My take on the waterproof picnic blanket is, like Betz’s, 100% from upcycled materials: the fabric removed from old umbrellas and a sheet.

To make a picnic blanket, select a thick, durable fabric for your blanket and purchase at least 2 sheets of the fabric. Get a layer of flexible vinyl if you want to waterproof the underside of your blanket. Then, set your fabric with the pattern facing down. Add any padding or cotton batting on top if you want a fluffier blanket. If you want to make your own totally awesome picnic blanket, you are going to need a few pair of jeans. Depending on the size and style of jeans (skinny jeans have less fabric than flared or boot cut ones) you can usually get about 10-16 6 1/2 inch squares of fabric from each pair. DIY: Patchwork Picnic Blanket.. I’ve always wanted a patchwork picnic blanket, and last weekend I finally got around to making this one.. With your fabric scraps, make a long tie (approximately 30” long) by flipping a 3” strip inside out and sewing one long seam. Work a safety pin through to flip the fabric right side out, then seam.

The following post is sponsored by Tulip. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but here in California, we’re ready for summer! Because summer usually comes early for us, I got a head start on making a tie dye picnic blanket!Using a Turkish towel (great as a blanket or a towel), I created this vibrant pattern with the latest Tulip Two-Minute Tie Dye Kit, Berry Blast. This blanket is really easy to make and only takes a few hours to complete. Skip the ties and corner pockets and it's even quicker! Plus it's the perfect excuse to take more afternoon picnics. How to make a picnic blanket. SUPPLIES: 2 yards ticking or shirting fabric (54 inches wide) 2 yards terry cloth (45 inches wide) thread sewing machine To make your own no-sew picnic blanket start, with 2 four feet x four feet (or whatever size you want to make!) lengths of cotton fabric. Choose light and dark, or patterned and plain (the fun thing about this blanket is that it can have 2 personalities).

Easy DIY Patchwork Picnic or Beach Blanket from Fabric Scraps! Email Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Author. Dana Fox. I am the author of the Watercolor With Me book series. I love helping other creatives kick butt in the real world.. If you don’t have fabric scraps like I did, you can use old clothes, linens, or t-shirts. The possibilities.

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