Sewing Baby Blankets With Minky Fabric

Minky is an extremely popular fabric for baby items, especially for baby blankets and for soft toys. Minky can be used for to make security blankets (which usually have a stuffed animal head), baby quilts, baby throw/snuggly blankets, and more. Minky dot (or dimpled minky) is a great choice for baby blankets. Need a little help on How to Sew Minky Fabric? We've got some Sewing with Minky Tips to give you a hand. Here is a handy list of minky sewing tips and tricks to help you figure out how to love sewing with minky fabric because who doesn't love the soft cuddliness of dimple dot minky or the plush luxury of rose swirl minky. I have made too many baby blankets with minky fabric to count and have.

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Exclusive Shannon Minky Solid Cuddle 3 Extra Wide. Description: This extra wide soft and cuddly fabric is exclusively ours, has a smooth minky surface, 3 mm pile, 380 grams and is perfect for apparel, blankets, baby accessories, throws, pillows and stuffed animals.

Sewing baby blankets with minky fabric. This is such a great beginner sewing project! A lot of minky blankets I see are made for babies with juvenile fabric. I wanted to do a grown up throw blanket that looked more sophisticated, so I had to be really careful with the minky fabric I bought. I chose a smooth navy for the back and an indigo dye print for the front. Sewing Minky Tips Minky is such a soft fabric and makes great blankets. It is long lasting and fade resistant. The fabric doesn’t wrinkle easily either. It comes in many patterns, solids and embossed designs. The fabric is mainly sold through Shannon Fabrics. They call their fabric line Cuddle. is a great place to get minky. Minky Fabric Sewing Tip #1: Mark minky fabric before you cut it. Minky fabric stretches because it’s a knit, which can cause it to be a bit shifty when sewing and cutting. While this (combined with the nap) adds to the overall plushness, it can be a little tricky to sew without the right techniques.

Sewing Minky to Minky & Walking Foot. There is only one way to do this! Invest in a walking, or even feed foot. With all my Minky experience, I thought I would be able to sew a double sided minky blanket. It was a nightmare, and did not turn out. The first time sewing with a walking foot, was magical. No stretching. At all. (If sewing a stretchy fabric and you’re noticing some pulling or rippling of the fabric, just increase the stitch length a bit and that usually fixes the problem. This just helps the needle hop over more of the fabric at once.) Ashley.. I’ve made several Minky baby blankets for friends and I look forward to trying this tutorial. My pets. 1 yard minky fabric (total fabric size will be 36 x 54) -I don’t recommend making a baby blanket size smaller than 36 inches unless you want it to be a lovey or smaller car seat blanket. Still using the cotton fabric, you can trim the 10 inches off of the minky and make a blanket 36 x 44 and spend a little less money on fabric.

Minky fabric is already very soft and somewhat thick. I’ve found that using it with a less-thick fabric makes sewing a little bit easier. My favorite accompanying fabric is a cute flannel print! Minky fabric also doesn’t shrink, so you don’t need to worry about prewashing it. Baby blankets are also simple sewing projects for beginners and great ways to practice some of your basic techniques. Just in case you’re as in love with the idea of making homemade sewn baby blankets for those you love as we are, if not more, here are 15 of the cutest, simplest, and nicest looking designs we’ve come across in our never. 9 Best Sewing Projects and Uses for Minky Plush Fabric. Minky Plush Fabric Self-Binding Baby Blanket Pattern. Minky Plush Fabric Self-Binding Baby Blanket Pattern. Due to its overwhelming popularity, we had to start our list with a minky plush fabric self-binding baby blanket (say that five times fast!).

To be honest, I am not a quilter like my mom or sisters, but one of my favorite blankets that I can make, is a flannel and minky blanket. They are easy and warm blankets. My kids love theirs. You can use this same tutorial for flannel material or minky material. Plus, the flannel blankets are usually inexpensive to make because it is often on sale. May 15, 2020 - Explore Mary Siroky's board "minky fabric", followed by 120 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Minky fabric, Baby sewing, Sewing projects. quilters pins (a pack of 175-250 is sufficient for a baby blanket) sewing machine; fabric scissors; 1 yard minky or cuddle fabric (Jo-Ann has a great selection, too!) 1 yard cotton flannel (have fun with the baby/nursery prints!) Simple Steps: If I’m making a baby/crib blanket, I usually pick up a half yard extra of the cotton flannel.

I’ve always loved the look and feel of minky fabric for babies, and I discovered that it is also a type of fabric that doesn’t fray. Perfect for making a no-sew baby blanket! The minky fabric is so soft and warm. I love it! Be aware that it will shed a lot when you cut it. I recommend giving it a good shake after you do all of your cutting. Jul 4, 2016 - Explore Debbie Jenkins's board "Baby - Blankets Fabric", followed by 908 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Sewing projects, Baby sewing, Diy baby stuff. Minky makes for some really fun projects. It’s versatile and can be used to make blankets, home accessories, and even clothing. You’ve probably seen it used to make baby blankets and Lovies. Minky is designed to resemble Mink’s Fur and has a very luxurious hand. It drapes beautifully and has a lovely sheen. These defining characteristics are why Minky is so difficult…

Minky is pretty easy to sew, but it’s important to pin your project well and always sew with the minky on the bottom so the feed dogs on your sewing machine can grab it. I decided to round the corners of my blanket just to make it a bit more interesting. I like to quilt my baby blankets, but my niece does not appreciate or like the look so this simple blanket is great. I use the walking foot all the time when I quilt, so this should be a great tool for this minky fabric. Have fun sewing. June 27, 2018 – 12:55 pm Reply Cancel Almost everyone you talk to will have a different preferred size for baby blankets. When starting out with minky blankets, I strongly recommend starting with blankets on the smaller end of the scale. It is easier to control smaller pieces of fabric. Stroller or receiving sizes (ie somewhere around the 20-35 inch range) are a great place to start.

Minky is a wiggly fabric that is hard to tame, even for experienced quilters. However, if you really really want to back a quilt with minky, I think you should stick with a classic quilting baste rather than flipping it inside out like with this blanket. The labor of sewing minky fabric is totally worth it! It’s such a fun texture that makes for a soft blanket, even if it requires a lot prep. There is nothing better than wrapping up in a minky blanket, or holding a little one with a blanket. When I give them as gifts, minky baby blankets are always passed around “feel how soft…” Baby blankets are meant to be cuddled with – so minky is the perfect fabric for that. I wanted an easy to sew blanket and found that making a self binding baby blanket was the way to go. It seems like there is always someone around me having a baby.

Minky fabric is a soft and rather warm variety of fleece fabric. It’s made with 100% polyester or microfiber, which makes it a synthetic fabric. Originally, it was used for making baby products such as clothes and blankets because it’s comfy as well as lightweight. Now, more products besides those include the minky fabric.

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