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How to Make a Tag Blanket. Here are the steps to make them. Again, refer to this tutorial if you need step by step photos of the process. Step 1. Cut 2 squares of blanket fabric. Like I mentioned, I cut some that were 18×18″ and some that were smaller. You can make them however big you want, depending on how much fabric you have. Be Sure To Tag Me! If you end up making this blanket I would love to see your finished piece. Tag me on social @yarnhookneedles. Remember if you want to create a different size, feel free to pop over to my pattern shop and get your PDF today! >>shop my patterns here<<

How To Make A Taggie Blanket Diy baby gifts, Baby sewing

For a blanket that covers a twin-size bed, make your fabric 39 inches by 74 inches. Then, simply finish the edge of the fabric using a serger or by hand stitching a blanket or whip stitch. If you want to make a no-sew fleece blanket, start by cutting out a square from each corner of the fabric and cutting fringe along the sides.

Making a tag blanket. Don’t limit it to just neighbors though. This blanket gift idea is also perfect for friends, family and teachers! Blanket Gift Idea with Free Printable Tag. Shopping for blankets is a hands on experience I love to take part in. This fluffy faux fur white blanket is from one of my favorite places to pick them out, TJ Maxx. The latter ends up making the knots look more professional and tidy. Square knotting makes the blanket look more fun and whimsical. Pull the knots down just a little bit from the top of the fringe. This will make for a clean, crisp line and will avoid tugging, bunching and a misshapen blanket. These blankets are a perfect little security blanket and the tags provide a lot of entertainment as babies start to discover their fingers. Tag blankets are very easy to make, even for someone who has very little sewing experience. If you own a sewing machine and can sew a semi-straight line, you’ll be just fine.

The next step in making your DIY baby tag blanket is that we will need to stitch the ribbons down. Using your sewing machine, stitch all the way around the square of fabric with a ¼” seam allowance. You’ll need to remove pins as you go (I don’t sew over them so that I don’t break my needle) – but wait until the edge of the ribbon is. After all, a well-made blanket should last for many years. How cool to add a little message to make it even more special! For example, I added a little tag on the back of the blanket I made for my nephew. The front of the tag had my logo (so professional, right?!) and the back had a little message for Noah. To make the tag, I used a letter. I also did a DIY tag blanket for our friends from church. I made this exact blanket over two years ago for some friends and their little girl loved it. This is a simple sewing project that makes for a great DIY baby shower gift! Yield: 1 Baby Blanket DIY Tag Blanket. Print .

Tags: baby blanket Blanket do it yourself how-to Lovie sewing tag blanket taggie taggy Toy Toys Tutorial By rachellow Rachel Low, also known as the Craft Stylist of Manhattan, is the founder of Pins & Needles: New York City’s coveted studio for chic and modern sewing, crafts, special events and retail products. The key to making a successful blanket for a baby gift is to give it a variety of fun textures and patterns. For this tutorial, the idea isn't to make a blanket that the child will be wrapped up in. Instead, create a blanket that is smaller in scale that the child can clutch in its hands for comfort and sensory stimulation. How To Make A Tag Blanket: You will need: Material (mine is from docrafts), ribbon (I used about 3 x 50cm) and an empty packet of babywipes. This is optional but if you have small kids they probably go a bit crazy for the noise these make too so I thought I’d use it to make it a bit more interesting for them!

Easy Minky Tag Blanket from Happy Hour Projects / Knitted Baby Bib from 4 You With Love / Diaper Trike from One Dog Woof / DIY Tag Toy from One Artsy Mama / Keep Calm Baby Onesie from Suburble / First Birthday Photo Prop from It Happens in a Blink / Simple Bib Clips from Capital B […] Making A Simple Taggie Blanket My kids have always been obsessed with the tags on blankets, coats, clothing, and anything else. Apparently other children feel the same way about tags or there would not be a plethora of tag blankets, balls, and toys out on the market. A tag or ribbon blanket is a small baby blanket that is bordered with loops of ribbon that are easy for a baby to hold. Anyone who has watched a child drag their favorite toy or doll around by the tag knows the way a child grabs onto something that is the perfect size for their hand.

Jewelry Making & Beading Beads Cabochons. Ribbon Lovey Golf / Baby Tag Blanket /Ribbon tags /Baby Sensory Blanket/ snuggy / baby gift / baby shower gift / new baby gift /baby boy UniquelySherry. From shop UniquelySherry. 5 out of 5 stars (117) 117 reviews Tag blankets can be made in any size, in any shape, in any color and in any design. I have used minky, fleece, cotton and flannel for fabric choices. See the suggestions following the tutorial for more ideas!! Instructions SUPPLIES. To make a tag blanket, you will need two squares of fabric and a variety of ribbons. You may remember from my doll sleeping bag post, that I haven’t done any sewing projects for about a year. Threading the machine was probably the toughest part of the whole project. If I can do it, you can too! I found a helpful tag blanket tutorial to help me get started from Designing, Dining, & Diapers.I made a few modifications.

The fabric used in this tag blanket was Colorful Floral With Dots in Dilly Dally by Me and My Sister for Moda and Baby Pink Essential Dots for the top, and a white dot minky fabric for the back. I did two of them for my Sister-in-law who is having twins. Both of the blankets were made to match the Personalized Name Pillows. I just finished sewing the ribbon blanket using a Dr. Seuss pattern and coordinated with some colorful ribbon. It came out so cute and I can’t wait for my granddaughter to give it to her not born son yet. I’m also making a blanket to coordinate. Had thought about a pillow but liked this craft much better. Thank you for making it such a fun. A tag blanket is a cuddly and soft baby blanket that features looped pieces of ribbon or cloth sewn along the borders. The tags on the blanket typically come in a variety of colors, patterns and textures to create visual and tactile appeal for baby.

Video of Baby Tag Blanket tutorial here, written below: Baby Tag Blanket Tutorial: Step 1 – Cut the elements for the tag blanket. Taking the remaining strips from the cuddle strip kit cut them to length. In Example I cut four strips to 19 inches in length. Be sure to save your scraps for future projects. How to Make Your Own Tag Blanket. I found the cutest woodland fabric pack at Joann’s that was perfect for this tag blanket. You’ll also need coordinating ribbon. Depending on the fabric store, you can buy the ribbon by the inch or spool. I suggest 4″ ribbon pieces and use as much as you want. The “original” tag blanket is sold by a company that holds the patent on the design, and, let me tell you, they ain’t cheap. For what amounts to about $2 worth of materials, they can run upwards of $35!. Fill in left and right of the center ribbon with your remaining ribbons—folded in half, right-sides-out—making sure to space them.

My tag blanket ended up being about 7″ square. But you can make yours however much smaller you want. I wouldn’t make it a lot bigger or it will be hard for babies to handle. 2. Then, out of an overabundance of caution, I used a hole punch to punch a bunch of holes all over the plastic sheet.

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