Can I Smoke On My Balcony Uk

I do see a couple of people go on their balconies and have a smoke all the time. I just want to know if it is legal to do so. I mean is the balcony technically part of my apartment? Am I allowed to smoke there? I read somewhere, but I cant find the link now, that the smoking bylaw here is made to ensure the right of everyone to clean air. We rent quite a good flat and recently we have had neighbours move in below us who are chainsmokers. This isn't a problem in the bad weather but the recent lovely weather means they are out all the time on the balcony smoking - the smoke then rises and comes into our flat quite badly (shutting the windows would mean an even hotter flat).

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People who live in apartments and smoke are allowed to smoke on their balcony as long as its ok per their lease. You are allowed to avoid your balcony if the smoke bothers you. I hate smoke but it is part of living in an apartment building. Talking to your neighbors about it is rude IMO since you are trying to keep them from enjoying their.

Can i smoke on my balcony uk. In my opinion, smoking on a balcony that results in smoke entering other balconies or units is prohibited. The act has priority over a condominium bylaw, which cannot permit smoking that. How councils deal with complaints about smoke from premises that's a statutory nuisance, smoke that's exempt and how smoke can be assessed. You can smoke outside on your balcony without issue. Except it's no longer "idiotic by-laws power tripping members made up". Not in NSW at least. In NSW it's now in the new Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (s.153) that the government made up. So it's law. User #78379 35613 posts.

Residents who smoke in communal areas can be prosecuted by the local authority and fined up to £200. Signage announcing that the premises are smoke-free must be placed in all blocks with internal communal areas. There are different regulations about signage for England and Wales. It is an offense not to display the signs. Now I know people have the right to smoke on their own balcony if they want to. But here's the thing. My and DP's flat has entirely south-facing windows, so when it's warm and sunny the place turns into a furnace. Is it illegal to smoke cannabis in your own home in the UK and what can you do if your neighbours are smoking weed. Jump directly to the content. The Sun, A News UK Company Close. Your Sun.

Non-smoking laws in public places have swept the nation, but until recently, if the smoke wafting into your house, condominium, or apartment from your neighbor's cigarette bothered you, all you could do was move out. The situation is changing, however, and non-smokers bothered by their neighbors' smoking may find that they can now take action. London, UK #9; Posted June 13, 2015. Since I am a nonsmoker, and really like sitting on my own smoke free balcony for which I paid a premium price, and you already know how I feel and obviously don't give a darn, I won't comment. But I do have a question, let us know what happens. Inquiring minds are curious if you get fined or booted. Any unwanted items on common property can pose a problem, but cigarette butts hold the added risk of starting a fire if they are not extinguished and as such can pose a hazard to other users. Drifting cigarette smoke has also been included within possible nuisances within the recent strata legislation changes of 2016.

Jack Boomer. Web-only article from "Tobacco" issue of Visions Journal, 2007, 3 (4). Does the smell of tobacco smoke drift into the place where you live—from an open window, an open balcony, bathroom vents, cracks in walls, ceilings or through plumbing vents? So I am a regular cigarette smoker and I live in a large apartment complex on 2nd floor! I m new to the building by one month and the upstairs neighbor has TWICE now asked me not to smoke on my balcony because the smell goes into her window. I pay rent here and I feel that nobody should tell me what I can and can t do as I would never do that. The air under my nose—smoke-free air from indoors—kept moving. I could still catch the occasional noxious whiff, but it no longer felt like I was smoking the stuff myself.

It is a clear breach to the lease if you claim to be a non-smoker but then smoke inside the property (balcony IS part of the property btw) or allow any of your guest to do so. Smoking definitely does stain paint work, let alone carpets, curtains, or furnishing. My balcony faces a hill going down so there is no street anywhere in front of this side of the building. Since I'm underage, I don't want to smoke weed on my balcony if I will get in trouble. I've only been here a few days, but today I saw two guys smoking out of a bong on their balcony like it was no big deal. The paper proposes a no smoking by-law to prohibit lighting up on a balcony in an outside area where the smoke drifts into another person's residence, including in courtyards. Scroll down for video

Hotel Riomar, Ibiza: "can i smoke a cigarette on my balcony" | Check out answers, plus 683 reviews and 766 candid photos Ranked #30 of 54 hotels in Ibiza and rated 4 of 5 at Tripadvisor. To briefly explain the situation, my family sold our house a few months ago and moved to an apartment that we own, until we find another house. My parents don't allow me to smoke in the house (which I don't mind), and luckily we have a balcony that I always use to smoke. My neighbor said smoking on my balcony goes in his apt, then manager says I can't smoke on my balcony, legal? Is that even legal? There was nothing in my lease stating its a smoke free building, the neighbor harrased us told us not to smoke on our balcony so I tried meetin him half way n cut down n mostly smoked asway from our place then he.

I am smoking on my own balcony. It is a private balcony that belongs to and can be accessed only from my flat. We have a wall separating my and his balcony. When I come outside on my balcony to have a smoke, he comes out on his and starts to spray pepper spray AT me not just generally spraying but aiming directly at me. I have video footage of. I just moved into an apartment with a screened deck which I love because I can leave the door wide open and enjoy the fresh air without bugs, weather, etc. Unfortunately, it seems one of my neighbors is a heavy smoker, and their smoke wafts onto my balcony and consequently into my apartment. I can't stand the smell of smoke. There are specific tables outside the restaurant you can smoke, the bar at the front has ashtrays but there are certain tables in that area that smoking is not allowed. I did not smoke on my balcony because I did not sit out there, but you can smoke on the beach, by the pool and in many designated areas.

UK Property Law. Get UK property law questions answered by Experts.. Signs have just been put up in the stairwell which is a more enclosed area but I want to know if it can be applied to my end of the walkway. My flat is not a no-smoking area but I often choose to go outside to smoke.. My normal alternative is to smoke in the kitchen and.

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